Simple 40's inspired hair


  • On second day hair i use Tresemme Dry Shampoo, I find my hair tends to get oily rather quickly on the second day and it will also help to give the hair more grip for when its being pinned up.

  • I section my hair into two front pieces directly in front of my ear.

  • Using a curling iron (I used the Babyliss curling wand) wrap the hair around the barrel keeping the small sections in a flat ribbon curl against the barrel.
  • As you curl sections getting further back make sure to move the barrel down the hair continuing to curl towards your face so the front sections will gather together but still blend in with the rest of the hair in a gradient.
  • Once the two front sections are curled, using a kirby grip pin up two front pieces of hair. You may want to tease these sections of hair for more volume and better grip.

  • Now the rest of the hair could be left straight or curled like above by just adding some loose curls to the last few inches of hair.
  • Once done use hairspray to set.

 Products used:

I was inspired by the character Susan Pevensie in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, part of the great Chrismas tv . I absolutely adore Anna Popplewell's simple 1940's hair style in the first half of the film. It's such a classic but simple look and I love that.

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