3 Nights in London


Here are some of the photos I took while I was away down south in the big city that is London. This trip was organised by my Media class although I think we can all agree it may not have been the most educational of trips but was most deffinately fun. The first day while only actually being in London for a view hours with all the walking was quite exhausting. 
The first two photos are from the first night when we were taken on a wonder after our meal at Hard Rock Cafe. I did get to see more landmarks while I was there such as the Shard and London Bridge but after the visit to WB Studios on the Saturday my camera ran out of battery and me being me didn't bring the charger.
I'll do another post later sharing the photos taken from the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Day 1

On Friday we actually did have a media related activity with the British Board of Film Classification later followed by the much anticipated activity of SHOPPING and guess what but I was actually sensible money wise. This activity was very much to the delight of the girls on the trip, although I tagged along with my little group that wanted to see the James Bond exhibition at the London Film Museum. 

Day 2
Here is a few links to my media teachers blog showing more photos from our London trip (https://highermediastudies.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/were-here/)

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