Midweek Outing


For us in high school it is now coming up to exam time once again (oh joy) Last year was my first time doing Nat 5 exams but those didn't have the same importance as this years Highers that I'm doing in 5th year. I am now aware that the results that I receive at the end of the year will very well have some affect on next years subject choices thereby also the university I end up going to. So yeah no pressure this year at all. I'm sure it will all go well enough though as long as I get myself organised which brings me on to what I bought with the obvious exception of mini eggs, make up and shoes but well I needed a break, after all I had to go get a hair cut anyway so my purse will just have to deal with the extra loss that occurred.

Products above:Expanding Folder -  WHSmith
File Pockets - WHSmith
Sketching Pencils - WHSmith
A4 Notebook - Paperchase
Black Patent t-bar shoes - New Look
Mini Eggs
MUA Prime and Concealing Powder - Superdrug

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